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Giving back

Some of our time each year is spent exploring best practice for the sector and drawing together networks of leaders in the field.

Additionally, we occasionally undertake pro-bono work in order to support community groups and social issues of importance to us.

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With the assistance of Dr Karen Cronin (formerly Environmental Science and Research (ESR) Ltd, New Zealand), MosaicLab co-founder Kimbra White developed the concept for and project-managed this joint research project between ESR and the International Association for Public Participation.

The report aimed to enhance democratic governance through a scoping project to identify how deliberative democracy can be embedded in decision-making organisations in government, industry and the community.

The findings of this joint research project was presented to the newDemocracy Foundation and the University of Western Sydneyin March 2012.

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“You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”
— Julia Child


This research, which commenced in 2016, was a joint project with partner Dr. Lyn Carson of Deliberative Designs. The study sought to understand what happens when participants have an opportunity to build and use critical thinking skills during a deliberative engagement process such as a citizens’ jury or people’s panel.

Critical thinking activities developed in a university context were applied to participants in MosaicLab-facilitated deliberative processes. With oversight from Dr. Carson, MosaicLab experimented with various critical thinking exercises, with a particular focus on participants’ ability to effectively interrogate experts.

We’re very pleased to announce that, we were awarded the IAP2 Australasia Core Values Award for Research in 2018. We feel very honoured to have had this exciting work recognised in this way.

To celebrate, we’re providing everyone with all the digital resources and materials that have been produced to date as a result of this work.

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MosaicLab research community engagement and deliberation


MosaicLab directors Keith Greaves and Kimbra White were part of the working group to develop the IAP2 Quality Assurance Standard for community and stakeholder engagement.

The document describes the important elements of any community engagement process and offers a set of ‘standardised principles’ to ensure consistency in quality and support those carrying out the process. It also allows any process to be audited against a defined standard for simpler evaluation and quality assurance.